Coal Yard New Make Whiskey

Albany's first spirit since Prohibition

Every batch of Coal Yard is an expression of the true nature of craft distilling. It reflects a scientific attention to detail and great care taken in every step of the production process.

Distillers Matt Jager and John Curtin start by milling whole grains for the mash. After fermentation, the milled grain goes right into the still with the rest of the wash, thick and unfiltered. From there, it is distilled out in a single pass—a slow process, but one that ensures a clean spirit with a distinctive flavor.

Once collected, it is interred for a very brief stay in used cooperage in order to best preserve the smooth, fresh flavor of the grain—almost all of which is grown on New York State farms. Coal Yard is the same base spirit that is put into charred, new, American white oak barrels and aged to become Ironweed.

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