Quackenbush Still House Rum

Colonial Albany's traditional spirit

Our Original Albany rum pays homage to Albany's first distillery, which was established in the mid-18th century and stood just a short distance from where our distillery stands today. The Quackenbush Still House produced an unaged rum from Caribbean molasses and Hudson River water, fermented with wild yeasts in huge, open wooden vessels. We use modern equipment, better yeast, and a more suitable water supply, but we follow the same recipe and use the methods of our predecessors.

Bright tropical notes shine through the rich, earthy flavor of the Caribbean cane, giving way to a long, creamy, butterscotch finish. Our Original Albany rum is excellent neat or on the rocks, but also brings an exciting layer of character to cocktails.

Varieties Original Albany
Amber (fall 2013)
Spiced (summer 2014)
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